Forestaforte: five hundred years of history

The bond of the Melcarne family with the land of the Salento and its secular olive groves is lost in the past. The first official documents that testify the origins of this old-established family of olive cultivators are to be found in the notarized deeds drawn up in Latin by the Notary Antonio Romano which date back to 1583,1584 and 1587.

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These documents testify the ownership of olive groves such as the “Murge”, “Rine” and “Chiusa” to Giovanni Antonio Melcarne of Santo Dana and his son Scipione. These farmsteads handed down by inheritance through the centuries are traceable in a succession of historical documents that the Melcarne family still have in their possession.

In particular, The farmstead of the “Murge” which is again noted in the land registry dating 1741 at the University of Santo Dana, kept in custody by the chancellor Giacomo Comi.

The farmland “Murge” is still present in the recent history of the Melcarne family. These records are further documentation of the Melcarne’s tradition as olive cultivators.
The official document of 1741 to which we refer is part of the “ Land Registry Onciario” that was established by King Charles of Bourbon and represents a complete and accurate list of estate properties ,land and animals belonging to each single family along with the registration of family status.
The Melcarne’s century-old passion for olive cultivation culminated in the last century with the foundation of a traditional milling plant of the discontinuous type, more commonly called a crusher press, that subsequently was replaced by the last generation continuous plant.
The relentless pursuit for innovation and achievement of high quality standards, always in the respect of tradition, leads Giovanni Melcarne, degree-qualified professional agronomist”, to create the brand “Forestforte”, as ambassador of the flavors and aromas of the Salento in Italy and in the World.
The company “Forestaforte” is successfully led by its founder ,who has joined in his production both the paternal and maternal traditions as olive oil producers and millers. In fact the family of his mother, Paola Ciardo, was also owner of an oil mill as well as secular olive groves.
The productive system is continually aimed towards the highest standards using a high-tech oil plant in full compliance with the standards of health and hygiene in every single stage of the production chain. This way “Forestaforte guarantees the highest quality and value to all its products, producing an extra virgin olive oil of superior category.

Our method

The night harvesting

olio extra vergine bio

Innovative method

“Forestaforte” since October 2013 is engaged in the method of harvesting olives by night, unique to Italy, which are intended for the production of extra virgin olive oil D.O.P Terra d’Otranto.

High level quality standards

The night harvesting takes place at lower temperatures in respect to daytime havesting so by enhancing in complexity the aroma and quality of the oil. In this way our extra virgin olive oil of superior quality, past winner of national and international prizes, has reached even higher quality standards.

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